Flight Software

Crisa expertise in flight software (SW) is mainly related to the development of software for different processor boards (1750, ERC32/LEON, DSP21020, 80C32,…), devices (EEPROM, 1553, Spacewire,…), and development of Instrument Control SW (instrument operational sequences, monitoring and control, data processing,…). It also covers Data Handling SW (PUS TM/TC services), mechanisms (motors) control SW, experiments control SW and any type of embedded real-time SW.

Envisat, the largest Earth Observation spacecraft ever built

Envisat carries ten sophisticated optical and radar instruments to provide continuous observation and monitoring of the Earth's land, atmosphere, oceans and ice caps. One of the major contributions of Envisat is the wealth of information it provides about the factors contributing to climate change

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EGSE and Unit Tester Software

Crisa has accomplished a large number of test software projects, both for internal use and external customers. Our main expertise is software development for Simulators/Stimulators and Front Ends (based on a client/server architecture) aimed to conduct real time tests, having developed a powerful in-house tool (based in LabView) to allow the test-operator to prepare, execute and analyse the re-programmable and reusable test-sequences.

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Ground Segment System Software

Three types of processes are covered: SW development (main expertise is in cataloguing and archiving), subsystem integration/set-up and maintenance.

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Developing critical software implies the use of the most demanding development methodology and quality control procedures in accordance with last rules and standards applied for European Space Projects (ECSS standards).

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