Recurrent manufacturing

Since 1995 Crisa has been producing different equipment for power and actuation and control for the Eurostar 2000 and Eurostar 3000 telecommunications platforms: ADE2/ADE3/ADE4, BCIU, PRU. These units are mounted in the satellite's service module and perform vital functions for the functioning of the satellite. The TM/TC function is common in most parts of the equipment as part of a subsystem and dependent on the satellite's central computer. For the control functions, this equipment gets the different telemetries from the instrument's parameters, from a sensor, or from its associated equipment and receives and executes the driving commands for the various devices (motors, electro valves, or pyrotechnics)

In particular, the BCIU is the unit from the satellite's power subsystem in charge of battery management, payload control and heaters and pyrotechnics driving.

The ADE performs the control and driving functions over the actuators of the control orbit subsystem: the momentum wheels, solar panels, and the propulsion system.

The first PRU unit was qualified for the French telecommunications programme called Stentor. This unit performs the driving and control of the satellite's pyrotechnic devices. It is an evolution from the pyrotechnics module form the BCIU, an easy to adapt modular concept for the requirements of each mission.

Up to date Crisa has manufactured more than 100 units of this flight equipment. A new project to evolve this electronic unit, its components and its mounting technology is initializing with the objective to optimize the production costs.

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