Ariane 5

Crisa contributes to Ariane 5 launcher with the Sequential Electronics (SE), an actuator control and supervision unit that drives most of the actuators within the launcher, like electro-valves, pyrotechnic devices and payload loops. More than 200 SE units have been produced in several versions over the last years:

In 2005 Crisa undertook the re-desing of the SE for a new PA production batch, based on SMT technology, in order to increase robustness and treat obsolescence with a design-to-cost approach. Two different ASIC will implement the internal communications of the unit, grouping many integrated circuits.


Vega is Europe 's new lightweight and economical launcher tailored to small size payloads for missions into polar and LEO orbits (300 to 2.000 Kg satellites).

The Multi-Functional Unit (MFU) developed by Crisa provides control and monitoring, and distributes power supply to the different equipment. Its main functions are:

In parallel with the MFU, Crisa is in charge of the avionics module AAM assembly, integration and test, consisting of:

In a first stage Crisa is supporting ELV in the Vega system conception, and in production and verification engineering.

Crisa, an Airbus Defence and Space company