Since 1998 Crisa is oriented towards the Defence sector, showing core strengths in engineering and electronic technology:

Electronics engineering:

Helios Control and Programming Centre handles with user requests for missions and the exploitation of the received satellite images:

As part of SIGESTREDI program for the Spanish MoD, Crisa has developed the satellite's images cataloguing and archiving system.

Crisa is actively participating in the redaction of an European Defence White Book covering microelectronics, power and reliability engineering technology areas.

Crisa is also an active member of the Eurofinder Programme (SOCCER project) which addresses the creation of an European Defence and Aerospace IP exchange network. Its main contributions are:

Crisa forms part of the TACONE consortium focussed on the definition of the NATO communication military standards (STANAG), being in charge of three different work packages within the scope of the TACOMS project.

Crisa, an Airbus Defence and Space company